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The 21st Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC ASIA 2016) Technical Review - Pneumatic, Seal

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Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition by the China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, the German Hannover Exhibition Company jointly organized by the exhibition by the International Association and the Taiwan Association of Fluid Transmission Industry Association and other related organizations support, known as the world-renowned Of the brand exhibition, the scale of its display for the first in Asia, the world's second. The 21st Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 30, 2016. The experts invited the members of the Association to visit the exhibition site exhibition, with their keen professional perspective, comment to see The cutting edge of technology and products, put forward the development of the industry recommendations. This article is divided into hydraulic articles and pneumatic, sealed articles, please pay attention to the following.

Pneumatic Enterprise

2.1 BIBUS Corporation
(1) exhibited EasyDrive pneumatic radial piston motor, the motor is characterized by: at full load can start / stop and convert the direction of rotation, start to get the maximum torque, can achieve overload protection, maintenance-free, low noise, High performance under less air consumption, widely used in the field of robotics and light industry. The modular design of the air motor can save space and have two diameters. The torque of the small motor is 450 or 900 N · cm, and the torque of the large motor can reach 1800, 3600 and 7200 N · cm.
(2) exhibited a BPS pneumatic stepper motor, the product features a compact, powerful. The BPS Pneumatic Stepping Motor produces rotation by the pneumatic action of the three built-in pistons. According to the different control valve switch sequence, can be accurate to the left or right 3 °. The BPS can also provide a hollow shaft and a solid shaft to produce a linear motion. Due to its special structure, BPS has a high accuracy. The angle tolerance is always ± 9 regardless of the number of steps or the number of rotations. All types have sensor elements that can report the position of the piston. The minimum series of BPS pneumatic stepper motor torque is 1.7N · cm, diameter 52mm. The motor has a self-locking function, and even if the power is turned off, the BPS can remain in place so that it remains in place when the power supply line fails.
2.2 Azbil TA Company
(1) exhibited the R8M series of micro low pressure (1kPa ~) pressure reducing valve can set the gas (or N2, CO2, compressed air) pressure, is no waste of non-overflow manifold, the micro pressure relief valve is straight Dynamic pressure relief valve construction, the first side of the maximum use of pressure 0.08MPa or 0.3MPa (by the form of decision). (5 to 25 kPa); 0.002 to 0.007 MPa (2 to 7 kPa); 0.001 to 0.003 MPa (1 to 3 kPa) in the range of 0.01 to 0.10 MPa (10 to 100 kPa) The
(2) exhibited CPL ultra-fine oil mist lubrication device, can make the oil into fine oil mist (ultra-fine oil mist) state, under the action of compressed air, continuous to the lubrication point of transport. Compressed air into the mist of the floating trace of a small amount of lubricating oil to form a little oil film, can inhibit the friction of self-stirring friction oil to maintain the minimum temperature rise, while lubricants on the surrounding pollution-free, do not worry about oil leakage. Lubricating machinery life greatly extended, ultra-fine oil mist lubrication, as ultra-fine oil mist spit out the lubricating oil in the NAS5 level above. Further, ultra-fine oil mist lubrication is not used to lubricate the cycle, but the fresh lubricants continue to supply lubrication objects. Therefore, the most suitable for precision machinery, clean lubricants greatly extend the life of the machine.
2.3 Italy AIRCOMP company
Exhibited a plastic pneumatic components, due to the use of high stability of the engineering plastics, new sealing materials and buffer structure, excellent corrosion resistance. Which is full of plastic body of the valve, the price is half of the metal; air filter is characterized by: high-quality condensation separation, the pressure is small, the pressure is small, The maximum working pressure of pneumatic valve and solenoid valve is 10 bar, and the protection class IP65 is compact and easy to install. The working pressure of the pneumatic valve and solenoid valve is 10 bar, the protection pressure is 5 h and 20 μm (standard), the maximum working pressure is 16 bar,
2.4 New Zealand Pneumatic Engineering Co., Ltd.
(1) exhibited VY series solenoid valve, the service life of up to 50 million times, the use of Japanese imported pilot solenoid valve, the use of power is only 0.6W, the response time is less than 30ms, a variety of specifications to choose from: , Double position double electric control, three position double electric control in the closure, in the vent, medium pressure type; with the bottom of the tube for the choice of maintenance and easy maintenance.
(2) exhibited the CMR series of small swing cylinder, the use of turntable structure, the bore has 10,20,30,50,70,100,200 mm a total of seven kinds of specifications, high-precision use of high-precision ball bearings, vertical and horizontal position Accuracy up to 0.01mm, with angle adjustment device, the adjustment range 0 ℃ ~ 190 ℃, hollow shaft can be used to introduce wires or trachea.
(3) exhibited CRY series rodless cylinder, the bore is 15,20,25,32,40 mm several specifications, magnetic coupling rodless cylinder, the piston and the slider between the mechanical connection, excellent sealing performance, the piston Action through the magnetic coupling force to the external slider, no piston rod, the installation space is smaller than the ordinary cylinder, the maximum stroke than the ordinary cylinder, the cylinder at both ends with adjustable cushioning and fixed buffer device, the direction of smooth action without vibration, while To avoid mechanical damage, the piston chamber directly separated from the slider to prevent dust dirt into the cylinder to extend the life of the cylinder.
2.5 Ningbo Yituo Connaught (E · MC) Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd.
(1) exhibited SW / SQK / ELS rotary cylinder and precision cylinder series, the use of rack and pinion structure, smooth operation, small rotating gap, good dynamic, double cylinder structure, to achieve double output, high precision table , Positioning accuracy, cylinder cylinder on both sides have positioning holes, easy to install, hydraulic buffer buffer capacity than the screw fixed buffer 3 to 5 times.
(2) exhibited EU free installation of the cylinder, the dynamic seal all imported seals, thick bronze self-lubricating bearings, lateral load capacity far more than the general cylinder, the piston rod with rotary riveting structure to ensure that the piston rod concentricity , Cylinder and the front cover by the four-axis machine from one-piece processing can be combined to install the use of space-saving.
(3) exhibited EXH small side sliding table cylinder, the use of micro-circulation ball guide and cylinder integrated design, body four-axis machine one-time processing to ensure that the indicators of precision, import linear guide, good straightness and not Rotary precision, high precision piston rod guide, daily imports of seals and special grease to ensure the life and performance of the cylinder.
(4) exhibited SHY / SHZ pneumatic finger series. Integral design of the linear guide, high rigidity, high precision; linear guide with the bottom of the positioning bolt, imitation of the guide rail and the body deviation; body with a fixed baseline quasi-hole deeper, to enhance the fixed precision, improve the consistency of duplication and positioning, Of the positioning accuracy, accurate and reliable when the workpiece is clamped; MAZAK processing, the Japanese seal, the German grease, special jaws.
(5) exhibited SJ stainless steel pen-type cylinder, to adapt to corrosive working environment, front and rear cover one-time processing completed, high consistency and concentricity, lengthened bronze bearing-oriented, high precision, horizontal load capacity, special riveting Combined structure, good pressure resistance, the cover machine to ensure that the front and rear cover work in the same straight line, easy to install, small bore, fast response, for high frequency conditions.
(6) exhibited N / RV low power solenoid valve, ordinary life of 30 million times, low consumption life of 50 million times, 1/8 ~ 1/2 full range, optional multi-needle integrated valve island. The working pressure is 0.1 ~ 0.8MPa, the maximum pressure is 1.2MPa, the working temperature is -5 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, the voltage range is -15% ~ 10%, the power consumption is 0.7W (DC24V), 0.9W ( AC220V), 1.4W (AC110), the maximum operating frequency 8 times / s.
2.6 United States Haskel Corporation
Pneumatic booster pump, its output pressure is high, the maximum working pressure can reach 503MPa, the output flow, only 0.69MPa (100psi) compressed air drive can get a larger output flow, according to different work requirements, pneumatic Booster pump has a variety of products available for users to choose. The pneumatic booster pump is characterized by: cost-effective, with high output performance and low cost characteristics; simple maintenance, pneumatic booster pump parts and less sealing, simple maintenance and low cost; adjustable, pressure and flow are By the drive gas pressure regulating valve to accurately adjust; wide range of applications, pneumatic booster pump can be used for most of the oil or water; high output pressure, pneumatic booster pump maximum working pressure even up to 700MPa; Output flow, pneumatic booster pump only 0.69MPa (100psi) compressed air drive can get a larger output flow.
Zhejiang University
(1) exhibited a three-axis pneumatic servo platform platform, at present, the market 3D theater seats are used electric cylinder and professional controller, the platform contains the traditional cylinder, displacement sensor, proportional servo valve and controller, the main The core components of the proportional valve to develop their own, the key control system developed a special controller, greatly reducing the cost. The platform can be used for private home dynamic cinema system, wearing 800-inch 3D stereo large screen, pneumatic servo dynamic seat precision action-driven, cost-effective integrated integrated equipment, people at home enjoy the big 3D The limit of stimulation. This is the industrial aerodynamic products to civilian consumer aerodynamic products in the transformation and upgrading, the prospects can be expected.
(2) exhibited the "+ Internet" solenoid valve full performance life test system, which is based on the original traditional life test system, real-time monitoring of each solenoid valve switch waveform, cycle detection solenoid valve switch response time, Current, voltage, power, and all the test data saved to the cloud space, anytime, anywhere through the computer or mobile phone query test results, is really placed in the pocket of the mobile laboratory.
2.8 Guangdong Nelson Pneumatic Components Co., Ltd
Exhibited the company in the hardware tools, pneumatic components of the product, high-middle and low range of various series of connection size has. The product is the most attractive to the audience to be considered "wheel seat", the wheel seat is automatically scalable reel, can be installed in the need to access water / gas / electricity and other workstations on the wall or beam, When you need to use water / gas / electricity, etc. can pull out the corresponding tube, run out automatically roll back seat, so not only access to water / gas / electricity and other convenient, and the workplace clean, easy to clean, wheel can also be combined Use, up to 5 groups can be combined, such as water, gas, electricity, wax, cleaning agent wheel combination.

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