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Stainless Steel Push-in union fittings

Material:stainless steel 304/316
Body: stainless?steel 304
Gripper:stainless?steel 304
Snap ring :stainless?steel 304
Sealing ring :Fluorine rubber
Pressure Range: operating preessure:0-4.0Mpa
Working pressure: 0-3.0Mpa
Temperature Range: -50deg; C to +230deg; C
Tube OD:4-6/8-6/10-8/10-6/12-10/12-8/12-6/14-12/14-10/16-14/16-12

Stainless Steel Push-in union fittings Widely used in pneumatic industry, general industry, automobile industry, mining, shipbuilding industry (all kinds of corrosion) such as beer, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, hydropower engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, petroleum industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing
Stainless Steel Push-in union fittings
Stainless Steel Push-in union pneumatic fittings

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