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Precautions for use of stainless steel quick plug connections

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Quick plug connector is the most convenient plug and play connection, especially in some of the trachea is very inconvenient, difficult space, it can better reflect the advantages of quick plug.

Precautions for use of stainless steel quick couplings:

(1) to ensure that the pipe cut perpendicular to the cross section of the pipe and no damage to the oval tube.

(2) plug the pipe must be inserted into the bottom of the joint, the pipe is not inserted in the end may lead to leakage.

(3) when the pipe is connected, pull the pipe to ensure that the pipe is not pulled out.

Note when removing wood:

(4) using a suitable tool, remove the pipe joint with the outer corner section of the pipe joint (six).

(5) to remove the sealing material adhered to the pipe joint. Otherwise the adhesion of the sealing material may enter the peripheral components, leading to failure.

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