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New energy outlook

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Our products are widely used in stainless steel pneumatic fittings Push-in fittings with lithium battery production workshop equipment assembly, which does not contain copper ions to make it no chemical reaction more environmentally friendly and durable corrosion resistance.

With the implementation of China's new energy vehicle policy and the expansion of new energy vehicles production capacity, as a lithium-ion battery anode carrier copper foil, in the past two or three years there has been a surge in demand. 2017 China's lithium-ion battery copper foil with an annual capacity increased to 8.026 million tons, copper production reached 688.37 million tons, accounting for the proportion of the domestic electrolytic copper foil production increased to 22.2%.


2017 China's lithium-ion battery with copper production and sales increase in sales profits, but also to the copper business enterprises in the operating efficiency, capacity utilization, domestic copper foil supporting equipment and manufacturing level and so on are getting a lot improve.


2018 China's new energy vehicle subsidy policy adjustment and the "auto industry long-term development plan" release, the energy density directly linked to the amount of subsidies, vehicle companies will proceed from their own interests, must ensure high security performance under the premise of highly Power battery energy density threshold


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