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How to choose and use stainless steel quick joint

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In industrial applications, we often use stainless steel joints such products. However, for the layman, in the selection or application of such products, there will be unfamiliar places. Below, together with the study, selection and use of stainless steel joints should pay attention to the problem.

On the correct selection of stainless steel quick connector

1 determine the joint from the type and temperature of the fluid. The type and temperature of the fluid has great influence on the quality of the joint. If the stainless steel quick connector is air, can be made of steel joints, if the water is optional brass or stainless steel joints.

2 according to the pressure of the liquid to choose the appropriate connector. The pressure of the fluid is also the key of the selected stainless steel quick joint.

Two, on the correct use of stainless steel quick connector

1 conditions. Humidity, dust, and corrosion susceptibility for the conditions have a significant impact on the effect of the joint. Prior to use, we should combine the types of stainless steel quick connector, bulk material, sealing material and other characteristics, select the appropriate conditions for use.

2 installation. The size of the fluid to determine the size of the joint, but also with the corresponding shape and size of the pipe.

3 use. Can not exceed the maximum pressure limit, temperature, humidity, corrosion control should be used in the range. Stainless steel joints can not be deliberately damaged, the problem to find someone to repair joints, can not be arbitrarily removed.

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