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Guide for selection of stainless steel pneumatic quick couplings

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Nozzle diameter: 3-16 (mm)

Thread standard: metric, British, American, R, G, M, NPT

Threaded interface: R, G, M, NPT, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, M5, M10, M12, M14, M16, M20

Material: stainless steel 304316

Temperature: -60 to 450 (c)

Voltage: 1.0-6.0 (MPa)

Mounting type: single hand quick access type

Scope of application: general industry, automobile industry, mining industry, shipbuilding industry

Applicable material: nylon, polyurethane tube, Teflon tube.

Apply to Gao Jiejing, high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion, extreme low temperature of minus 60 degrees, the use of harsh environments

Selection Guide: 01 on behalf of 1/8 (often referred to as the), on behalf of 1/4 (often called the 2 points), the on behalf of the 3/8 (often referred to as the 3 points), on behalf of 1/2 (often referred to as the 4 points) ()

Example: for example, PC8-02 indicates that the outer diameter of the cannula is 8MM, and 02 indicates the 1/4 taper thread (often called the 2 point)

1.PC fast plug type external thread straight through the end of the pneumatic connector commonly used models are: (non-standard non-standard models can be customized telephone calls)

PC4-M5 PC4-M8 PC6-M5 PC6-M6 (Metric Thread: pitch M*0.7/0.8/1.0/1.25/1.5 optional) PC4-M6

PC4-01 PC4-02 (thread: G/ZG/R/BSPT, American NPT:1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4 optional)

PC6-01 PC6-02 PC6-03 PC6-04

PC8-01 PC8-02 PC8-03 PC8-04

PC10-01 PC10-02 PC10-03 PC10-04

PC12-01 PC12-02 PC12-03 PC12-04

PC14-02 PC14-03 PC14-04

PC16-02 PC16-03 PC16-04

2.PL stainless steel L type bend through the end of the quick connector commonly used models:

PL4-M5 PL4-M8 PL6-M5 PL6-M6 (Metric Thread: pitch M*0.7/0.8/1.0/1.25/1.5 optional) PL4-M6

PL4-01 PL4-02 (thread: G/ZG/R/BSPT, American NPT:1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4 optional)

PL6-01 PL6-02 PL6-03 PL6-04

PL8-01 PL8-02 PL8-03 PL8-04

PL10-02 PL10-03 PL10-04

PL12-02 PL12-03 PL12-04

PL14-02 PL14-03 PL14-04

PL16-02 PL16-03 PL16-04

3.PE stainless steel T type three pneumatic quick joint commonly used models are: (can be equipped with variable diameter three pass such as PE8-6-8)

PE4-4-4 PE6-6-6 PE10-10-10 PE12-12-12 PE14-14-14 PE8-8-8 PE16-16-16

4.PV stainless steel L type bend through the middle of the quick joint models commonly used:

PV4-4 PV6-6 PV10-10 PV12-12 PV14-14 PV8-8 PV16-16

5.PM fast through straight through / plate / plate joint model:

PM4-4 PM6-6 PM10-10 PM14-14 PM16-16 (optional with the inside of the screw through the board, the card sets through the plate) (PM8-8) PM12-12

6.PU quick plug straight through the middle of the pneumatic quick connector commonly used models are:

PU4-4 PU6-6 PU10-10 PU12-12 PU14-14 PU8-8 PU16-16

7.PG fast plug type straight through straight through the rapid use of common models:

PG4-6 PG6-8 PG6-10 PG10-12 PG8-12 PG12-14 PG8-10 PG14-16

8.PB stainless steel T type spiral three pneumatic quick joint models:

PB4-01-4 PB4-02-4

PB6-01-6 PB6-02-6 PB6-03-6 PB6-04-6

PB8-01-8 PB8-02-8 PB8-03-8 PB8-04-8

PB10-02-10 PB10-03-10 PB10-04-10

PB12-02-12 PB12-03-12 PB12-04-12

PB14-02-14 PB14-03-14 PB14-04-14

PB16-02-16 PB16-03-16 PB16-04-16

9.PCF stainless steel internal thread straight through the end of the pneumatic connectors are commonly used models:

PCF4-M5 PCF4-M6 PCF6-M6 (Metric Thread: pitch M*0.7/0.8/1.0/1.25/1.5 optional) PCF6-M5

PCF4-01 PCF4-02 (thread: G/ZG/R/BSPT, American NPT:1/8,1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4 optional)

PCF6-01 PCF6-02 PCF6-03 PCF6-04

PCF8-01 PCF8-02 PCF8-03 PCF8-04

PCF10-01 PCF10-02 PCF10-03 PCF10-04

PCF12-01 PCF12-02 PCF12-03 PCF12-04

PCF14-02 PCF14-03 PCF14-04

PCF16-02 PCF16-03 PCF16-04

Installation method:

1 after the trachea to remove burr, the trachea into the socket at the end of the connector (must be inserted in the end), you can achieve a solid connection and sealing effect.

2 tracheal repeatedly pulled out. Should be cut off the end wear parts.

3 when the trachea is removed, press the connector sleeve with the thumb and gently pull out the trachea.

4 right angle, three - way, four - way terminal connector. After installation, only need to turn the adapter body, you can adjust the direction of the pipe joint.

Advantages and characteristics;

1 sealing ring using imported fluorine rubber material, to ensure that the work under high pressure seal without leakage, longer life.

2 made of 304316316L stainless steel, high corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high and low temperature, beautiful appearance.

3 installation fast, simple and compact, space saving, various models to meet the requirements of pneumatic pipe.

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