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Our company is a manufacturer, specializing in the production and sale of various stainless steel pneumatic fittings, made of high quality stainless steel 304/316, sealed with high quality fluorine rubber made of our company using advanced international technology greatly improved my company imported stainless steel Fast plug connector and a variety of pneumatic tube pressure, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. Quick Connect Model:(PC/PL/PB/PCF/PU/PG/PV/PE/PM/PK/PZ/PMF/PLF/PD/PY/SL/PZA......)
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  • Aug
    New energy outlook

    Our products are widely used in stainless steel pneumatic joints with lithium battery production workshop equipment assembly, which does not contain copper ions to make it no chemical reaction more environmentally friendly and durable corrosion resistance.With the implementation of China's new energ

  • Apr
    The 21st Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC ASIA 2016) Technical Review - Pneumatic, Seal

    Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition by the China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, the German Hannover Exhibition Company jointly organized by the exhibition by the International Association and the Taiwan Association of Fluid Transmission Industry A

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